Most Promising Online business listings 2019

The most promising Online business listings 2019 below!

1. Online Business Fashion

Currently the fashion business comes in the best online business category in the world. The reason, the target market that is targeted by the business is quite fitting and become a major needs among the people of the world.

Especially, in Indonesia itself the target of the fashion market that can be shot very wide. From hijab, children to adult clothes, pants, skirts, robe, and so on.

This article only covers online business ideas, not discussing technical. If you are serious and want to learn business online, you should learn the technical.

I recommend taking courses on trusted experts. 

From the different types of fashion you can choose one or focus on one category you are interested in. The target market can then be focused on children, teenagers, and adults.

Opening an online business does not need to rent large places and capital. Because the true online business includes free that can be marketed through HP through social media accounts that you own.

Besides being able to be posted through social media, you can also market it through the marketplace in Indonesia. Various marketplace in Indonesia has come with its own advantages. Then your next task is to choose a marketplace to your liking.

For the delivery process can also use the dropship system, where the supplier will deliver the goods to your customers. Your job is to only market and ensure the smooth and correct buying process.

Fashion business in Indonesia alone has a huge opportunity. Of course you should adapt to the target market of people in Indonesia. 

You can take the opportunity of selling fashion with Muslim targets. For example, Koko clothes, Muslim clothes. Fashion business will be very promising for the moment of Ramadan.


2. Affiliate Business and Forex Trading

A list of the next promising online businesses is the affiliate business. The business is still relatively public especially for someone who is just plunge into the world of online business. You can become a Forex trader or you can also become a Forex affiliate partner. What's the difference?

If you are a trader, you will be active Forex trading activity, but if you are a affiliate, you can as a trader and at once can become a broker partner and benefit from the new member you recommend.

The Affiliate business is, promoting a product that other people have, in which case you are promoting a forex broker that you recommend. Then when someone buys a product or joins a partner through you, you will get a fee from the sale of the product.

Usually, this affiliate business is found in websites that have large enough visitors every day. As for how the work of running this affiliate online business is as follows:

• Make sure you have a website with enough visitors every day.

• Enroll in Affiliate program organizers

• If approved, the organizer will send the product code to be installed on your website

• If there is a website visitor who has a product through the code listed on your website, you will receive a fee from the purchase of the product.


For the products used for this affiliate business is the sale of ebooks, trainings, seminars, and so forth. You can also learn about Forex trading, many of which have already been successful in this online business. However, you should learn the knowledge. I recommend you to start opening an account on a legal and trusted site.

I personally recommend a trusted and legal forex broker site, you can use it as a broker.

Please register and open an account, before you are really sure you want to make a deposit, there is a demo account facility as a means of training you learn forex trading.

3. Online Youtuber Business
YouTubers are currently a profession as well as a promising business. The reason, from creative ideas that dare to be displayed can generate income that is "wah" every month. I don't want to go to the length of the technical discussing this point 3, if you are interested in learning to be a YouTuber, there are many ways.
For example, by attending paid trainings and seminars, or you can learn self-taught on the Internet, for example on a blog or YouTube channel that discusses being a YouTuber. To start this business no need to spend capital, which is necessary is creativity to be able to display very interesting video content.
The YouTubers will certainly earn revenue from AdSense ads that brand pairs on their videos. If the video traffic is a lot, then the most likely to earn income will be quite a lot. Especially when the video you are creating is completely collectible and corresponds to the market segmentation you shoot.
In Indonesia, already many YouTubers are quite successful as quoted in Indonesia's successful YouTuber article, as follows:

• Gen Halilintar Family
The phenomenal family of Gen Halilintar to this day is still a conversation in Indonesian society. Through their Youtubenya channel, they upload daily activities as well as the travel activities that he often does.
Walresult, from the show many people give appreciation by like and also subscribers their channel up to 1 million more. From this, they were earning an income of between 150 million and 2 billion.

4. Business Software Developers
Increasing smartphone users in today's technological era is a great opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the online business world. In addition to the above mentioned businesses, there is another best online business that you can do, namely to be a software developer.
The software development business in question is a business for you who are experts in programming. You can create an interesting and unique software then sold to companies engaged in technology.
A simple example of software you can create is like making a game. Once the game has been created, you can sell it to a technology-based company that does need it.
Besides, it can also be a freelancer software developer, where you help a company to be created software that supports the company's progress. Whether it is from the development of communication software, finance, security, and so forth. If you are a developer, you can search for projects at, please visit in Stius to register.
One of the most expensive software in the world is CryEngine2 which is the game engine for the computer first person shooter game far cry. The software is known as the most expensive device in a few years time.
Later this game became popular because it was digaet by NVIDIA for a fairly booming game. The price of the software is priced at 200.000 USD.
Essentially, in developing an online business this software should have the courage to try. It could be, what you make today will come in handy in the future.


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5. Online Business selling WordPress plugins and templates
WordPress is an open source website based application. Wordpress is currently in the middle of an online businessman. From WordPress, online business people can earn an abundance of the ads posted on the site.
Along with the many users wordprees a lot of sites that sell WordPress plugins with the aim to increase earnings. The price offered is not too expensive only ranged from $12-$ 58.
But the price is not what when compared to users of WordPress sites that reach 74,652,825 scattered around the world.
That means you will get the opportunity and the big profit of the number of users of the WordPress site, when selling plugins and also the templates.
To see the example of selling wordpress templates yourself can by visiting or
The vendors can make transactions in a week with a profit of hundreds of millions to billions of rupiah by selling 1,500 copies in a week.

6. Online Business Bloggers
Free online business with no capital is not only theory, but rather the reality in this sophisticated world. In addition to the online business fashion dropship system as already discussed above, there are other businesses that do not need to spend capital, namely online business bloggers.
This online business blogger is perfect for you who like in terms of write writing. Because the blog does not have the pleasure to write anyone who loves writing to be able to fill the platform with unique, useful and interesting writings.
The writings are written and varied, can be about tourism, culinary, technology, politics, literary works and so forth.
The Blog is growing in the day where you can show ads that work with Google AdSense. From the writing you write when bringing interest and good traffic it will be comparable to the advertising revenue you can. Of course besides showing write, your next task is to bring as many visitor blogs as possible.
The ways that you can promote your blog are varied, including by sharing your writing on social media. Then, it can also cooperate with the big website that is to submit your blog posts. When according to the criteria then your blog will be promoted by the site.
The online business of this blogger if it is being ridden will be something very valuable and quite promising. Because the income you can at least $10-$2000 USD depends on the effort and strategy that you apply to fool your blog.
However, never do anything fraudulent. Because if detected violations of your blog will be banned as well as a big possibility of revenue that can not be achieved.
Well, that's one online business without capital that looks easy to do but can be fatal if it does not meet the rules.
One example of a successful blog in Indonesia is It is a blog featuring many diverse articles of themes.
The article has a lot of pages occupying the first Google. So from that, it can reap a fantastic profit to tens of millions of dollars each month from AdSense on his blog.

7. Online Business copywriters

Menjadi copywriting

Copywriters are currently being a pretty promising profession. Without a copywriter a buyer will not be interested or want to buy a product.
Yes, because it is essentially a copywriter has a big role to invite and influence a person to be able to buy the product.
A copywriter has creative tasks through words embedded in a product in order to attract customer attention.
Written words are not as much as writing a book or blog enough with a few sentences that people can already be interested in buying.
More details about the work of a copywriter is to write an ad text in a language that is interesting and segmented or right on target.
Arguably they are marketing that is ready to promote a product through words that are promotive.
If you are a writer, then this work is perfect for you. It is necessary to read a lot of situations and conditions for the sales target you will be aiming for.
Do not let any missteps or miswriting be a goal that you shoot not interested in buying the product.
One example of a copywriter in Indonesia that has proven its success is Dewa Eka Prayoga who also transmit his knowledge through his book on Copywriting that have sold up to more than 100 copies.

8. Freelance Online Business Writer

Bisnis Online Freelance Writer

Online business next to you is still for you who love to write. Arguably this online business is free with no capital fees that are great. With enough writing skills you can already find a client to create a writing on the website or a portal.
Why is this online business said to be a promising business?
Because of the many online businesses that each time increases. They have websites, blogs, and so forth to be filled with articles or other writings that attract visitors.


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