Pornographic movie addiction not only damages the brain

Long-time pornographic Video destroys the brain

The breadth of research published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry in 2014 reported a strong link between the habit of watching porn videos with decreased volume and activity in the brain region named Striatum.

The research team discovers that the volume of the brain's striatum shrinks much less often and the longer you get used to watching pornographic films. Striatum is a part of the brain related to the emergence of a sense of contentment and delight after doing something, which then raises the motivation/desire to repeat the behaviour to feel the pleasure again.

This study was the first to provide strong evidence of the relationship between pornographic films and the reduction of brain work in response to sexual stimuli.

Changes in brain structure and function related to the habit of watching pornographic movies are considered by many other scientists to be potentially more severe than brain damage due to drug effects.


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More pornographic video-watching effects


The impact of "hobby" watching older videos is not only damaging the brain. What are the other effects?

1. Loss of sex arousal

A published study on the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine shows that adult men who have been accustomed to watching pornographic since the age of TEENS experienced a decrease in sexual desire a.k.a. libido which is quite drastic. Why?

As the explanation above, too often watching the pornographic can make you immune to the various stimuli displayed on the screen. As a result, you are no longer excited even if the spectacle reaches its climax. It also proved not only to lose passion while watching.

2. No longer interested in real-world sex

A study reported that addicted to watching videos could make a man so no longer interested in real-world sex. The study found that pornography makes men no longer able to get real sexual gratification when with a partner.

When men are immune to visual stimuli, they may be no longer passionate about starting or continuing sex with their partners.

Moreover, the pornographic movies are deliberately made in such a way that it looks perfect. Especially for the man who Notabene was crowned as a visual creature. It's no surprise that men will have an idea aka the expectation is too high on how the sex should be. In fact, the sex scenes in the pornographic films are the result of excessive imagination, and sometimes it is absurd.

When reality doesn't go according to expectations in mind, they may even be no longer interested in thinking about sex or having sex back in the next time.


2. Erectile Dysfunction

People who are addicted to watching pornographic movies will have higher risk of erectile dysfunction or impotence. Carlo Foresta, a professor of urology at the University of Padua Italy found that 70% of the young men who went to the men's clinic were due to the impotence of pornography addiction on the Internet.

Again, the source of the problem departs from the sensitivity of the brain that has collected against sex stimulation due to the addiction of a pornographic watch. Sexual arousal that triggers an erection begins in the brain. However, when the brain and nerve work is interrupted, the penis will not be able to stand upright for a long time.

According to Professor Foresta, impotence or erectile dysfunction associated with curable pornography. However, during the restoration, it took 4-12 weeks to avoid intense sexual stimuli.


So, how to cope with pornographic film addiction?

1. Try stories to people you trust

It's not easy to tell addiction to watch videos on others. However, storytelling may help you to get advice and attention that can keep you out of the problem of addiction.

You can tell a friend, a wise person and you believe, or even a consultation with a sex therapist. Sex Therapist is a medical professional who can help you cope with pornographic film addiction and how to cope with the various sexual problems it causes, such as erectile dysfunction.

Therapists can recommend treatment through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT/Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). CBT therapy works to control the desire to watch pornographic films to be replaced by other more positive activities/thoughts.

You may be embarrassed because this therapy makes you absolutely honest about the problem of addiction. However, therapy is the most effective and successfully durable way of using the drug.


2. Try to reduce the main device

The pornographic movies you watch are probably seen on your phone or laptop, right?  It's true. In fact one of 5 search topics on the Internet through a smartphone or mobile device is pornography. That means there are approximately 68 million searches related to pornographic videos every day. 

If you're one of them, you can try to start keeping the distance with your favorite gadgets. In the spare time that you usually use to watch videos, try replacing with other more useful activities.

For example, with more time spent outdoors meeting friends, following social activities, exercising, or even doing other hobbies that can distract the lustful so as to avoid you from watching some pornographic movies.


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